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A world-class Enterprise Software provider had an urgent requirement to fill a Marketing Director vacancy, following the departure of the job holder due to ill health. Because of MSC's reputation in the UK within the emergent technology headhunting field, the client commissioned MSC to undertake the task of filling the vacancy on a 'retained' basis. MSC was given three-months to source two suitable candidates with the relevant background for the post.

Despite the short time-scale, MSC adhered to its quality procedures for interviewing, screening and selecting high-calibre candidates appropriate for submission to the client. Four candidates were identified that had the skill-base and knowledge required for the Marketing Director role. The client had difficulty in choosing between two of the four candidates presented for interview. After some deliberation, both candidates were offered senior marketing roles within the organisation - one in Europe and one in the US.

MSC completed the project in under four-and-a-half weeks and had excelled in its mission to provide high calibre candidates, regardless of time-scale factors.

Client Statement

"Due to unfortunate circumstances we were left with a key position vacant which needed filling quickly. With MSC, we got more than we could have possibly asked for, both in terms of service provision and candidate quality. It's reassuring to know that we have a partner we can rely on, as part of our personnel recruitment drive."

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